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Prodotti tipici


The Navigli have a long tradition of producing and processing farm produce and although this is partly due to geography and climate it is especially the result of the deep-rooted culture and the emphasis on quality.

The excellence of the traditional produce listed below is a clear sign that, on the Navigli, the gastronomic tradition and culture go back and extremely long way, are of the highest order and deserve to be better known.

The land and climate are responsible for the flavour of the vegetables, the humidity for the aging of certain kinds of dry sausage or salumi. There are countless factors which have an effect on crops and livestock and elude industrial standardisation to yield products which are beyond compare.

The typical products are the end result of a lengthy process which makes the most of what is locally available, in a system based on trust, and an ability to adapt and evolve.

In this sense they are the tangible heritage of an unwritten rural culture of a particular richness and complexity.

Some of this produce – suffice to mention the Gorgonzola of Ozzero or Carnaroli rice – have become deservedly popular with consumers throughout Italy and even managed to carve out a place for themselves on the international market.