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The cuisine of Lombardy


“MILANO. Luoghi e sapori della tradizione.”

Without a shadow of a doubt“heritage”  is the best way to describe the incredible riches of Lombardy in terms of landscapes and flavours.

Now as never before, with globalisation too often an overwhelming presence in our lives, the culture and traditions of a place are a fundamental element in our identify, singular values which are preserved by the profound and concrete ties they have with the area.

The Milan metropolitan area is defined by a system of relationships which connect the city to the surrounding area, building a network which allows for trade, growth and development of the hinterland.

This is a context wherein the Navigli canals are not just a particular feature of the landscape and environment but also an infrastructure project for the area, a development opportunity for reconnecting urban centres and environmental requalification.

The canals constitute a true “waterway” with added value to facilitate new development opportunities not only for the city of Milan but for the entire “Navigli System”.

Let us not forget that our area is a reference point for excellence on an international level in terms of ecotourism, a sustainable tourism. Navigli Lombardi is ever more committed to providing an accessible service of the highest quality to all. The history, traditions, culture, flavours, aromas, local produce, are all local resources which, if exploited correctly, can act as identifying elements of a place.

The need to create a bridge between the area, its history, the people who have lived here and development policy has given rise to a system for promoting the area which takes into account a vital part of Italian culture, its cuisine.

In 1999, Luigi Veronelli(journalist, Italian gourmet as well Milanese born and bred) came up with the idea for De.Co. ¬= Denominazione Comunale: a certification of origin and an instrument which local municipalities can use to highlight local specialities, typical local produce in the sector of food, wine or artisan produce.

Tradition and flavour find fertile ground in Lombardy where there are numerous historical customs and rural traditions, a rich heritage and a wealth of local produce: rice and cheeses, meats and dry sausage, fruit and vegetables and the finest wines.

In order to make the most of this rich tradition, promote awareness of certified Milanese produce and, at the same time, encourage visitors to come to the city and its hinterland and thus boost wine and food and cultural tourism, Navigli Lombardi, the Milan Chamber of Commerce and EPAM are promoting a publication produced by Milan Municipal Authority dedicated to Milanese cuisine and recipes, the specialities of the area: “MILAN. The places and flavours of tradition”, which also deals with the Milanese hinterland, its canal system (the Navigli) which formed the foundation for its history, culture, farming traditions and crafts in the city.

 Il Libro della cucina lombarda.