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Martesana trail


A route along the Martesana in the outer segment in Milan that combines Concesa Trezzo in Vaprio d’Adda.
The tour includes a day in contact with nature savored through a pleasant navigation within the territory of ‘Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo. In addition to navigation you can enjoy the beauty of local cultural, such as the Villaggio Crespi, a real town built completely from scratch by Crespi family for its employees and their families.

A Vaprio d’Adda, plus the ability to taste the local specialties in a typical restaurant, the visitor can admire:
- Villa Melzi with its terraced garden. The Villa was home to Leonardo da Vinci in 1499, then between 1506 and 1507 and again between 1510 and 1513. After his death, the pupil Francesco Melzi there he brought back all the drawings and manuscripts Vincian lasciatigli inheritance. E ‘from Villa Melzi that manuscripts have traveled in later centuries to the most important museums in the world;
- Home of the Guardian of the Waters is a station where merchants would stop to pay the duty imposed by the local rulers, and where the ‘watchman’ supervised the hydraulic network that connects the Adda with the canal. Throughout history they have stayed the likes of Bellotto, painter and engraver of the ’700, and Van Wittel, Dutch painter of the same period.
Today it houses the Museum of Leonardo interactive edited by Adda Nord Park.

The package is also proposed a visit to Villa Castelbarco, beautiful building set in a natural setting of eight hundred thousand square feet of the park where you can see deer and fallow deer in the wild. To admire the nymphaeum, jewel, with beautiful underground tunnels.

Punti di interesse

  • Cotton MillThe entrance to the Crespi cotton mill is an iconic image. Practically a cathedral to work or industry, where the chimney, administration buildings and wrought
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  • Crespi d'Adda VillageThe family and village of Crespi d’Adda were founded by Cristoforo Benigno Crespi in 1878. He came from a family of dyers in Busto Arsizio
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  • MausoleumThe cemetery, built between 1904 and 1905, is dominated by the great mausoleum, the final resting place of the Crespi family. In the shape of
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  • Stallazzo Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo An open-air museum where the visitor can find out about the history, art and nature of the area. The Ecomuseum is entirely open-air and extends
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  • The VIllasThe workers' houses are not the only kind of housing in the Village. There are also the villas built by Crespi in the latter half
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  • The workers' housesThe tidy rows of worker's houses with their gardens and vegetable patches are surely the most emblematic image of Crespi as well as being the
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  • Villa Castelbarco The site was first settled around 1100, a period in which, according to some scholars, a convent was built in this area by Cistercian friars.
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