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I Navigli

Villa Terzaghi


Villa Terzaghi is located quite far from the Naviglio on the outskirts of Robecco, along the road that leads to Casterno, the oldest town in the area which dates back to Roman times. This meant it was connected directly with the lands belonging to the family. It was always property of the Terzaghi family right up until 1882, when Carlotta, the daughter of the nobleman Carlo left it as a gift to the Girls’ Orphanage of Milan known as the “Orfanotrofio Stellae”. The villa is a simple block, one of the best examples of mid-18th century late Baroque in Lombardy. It is divided into three parts of equal width, the central section with three arches on the ground floor and the smooth facade finishes with a curved gable, since the two side sections act almost like wings as between them there is a large terrace. Nowadays Villa Terzaghi belongs to the municipal authorities and, once restoration was complete, it was rented out to the public body for management of the waterways in the Magenta area.

via S. Giovanni, 37 - Robecco sul Naviglio