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Villa Gnecchi Ruscone


Construction work on this villa began in the 18th century and it is an excellent example of the Lombard style; a number of buildings are laid out around a U-shaped courtyard with two symmetrical two-storey buildings at the ends on either side of a wrought iron gate supported by pillars topped with lions. The two-storey villa has a portico with three arches supported by Tuscan columns. Off to the side there are farm buildings and farmyards, the chapel, stores and stables. Inside there are some reception halls with painted coffered ceilings, a staircase, a Neoclassical salon with a painted vault, a chapel and the sacristy which are covered in frescoes. To the rear of the villa there is an L-shaped garden with greenhouse and swimming pool. At the moment it is private property.

p.zza Quintino Di Vona, 12 - InzagoVisibile solo dall'esterno. Solo in particolari occasioni i cortili ed il parco vengono aperti per visite guidate di piccoli gruppi appartenenti ad Associazioni culturali a carattere storico o architettonico e a studiosi.