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I Navigli

Palazzo Visconti


The residential part of the rectory, the main facade facing the Naviglio, is also called the “castello” or “Palazzo Visconti”. It is a typical example of 15th century architecture, a building in a state of transition between the fortified castle and Renaissance residential villa. It has the square floor plan with a closed courtyard, a characteristic feature of castles, and a great loggia open towards the Naviglio, typical of summer residences and similar to the primitive appearance of “Villa Gaia” in Robecco. On the west side there are traces of lancet windows with decorative painting, while on the north side there is simple brickwork. A moat created from a canal branch separates the palace from the surrounding countryside. Inside there are still coffered ceilings and graffito wall decorations as well as fireplaces from different historical periods.

via Vittorio Emanuele II, 8 - Bernate Ticino