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Villa Besozzi-Casati


The aristocratic Besozzi family lived here from its very origins. In 1592 Giovanni Paolo Besozzi inherited the land in Cologno. The Casati family only took over ownership from the Besozzis in 1798. In the Middle Ages, the villa belonged to the monastery of Sant’Ambrogio. The current building was definitely constructed on the foundations of an ancient fortified house or “casa forte”: in actual fact, the entire medieval settlement of Cologno grew up along the banks of a spring, now covered, which ran the entire length of the town from south to north. When ownership of the fortified house passed to the Casati family, they carried out renovation work which transformed it into a 19th century palace and their summer residence. It is now home to the Town Hall. In the renovated interior we find depictions of mythological battle scenes. The majestic stone staircase to the right of the portico leads to spacious decorated reception rooms with painted wooden coffered ceilings and frescoed friezes which are now the Town Council Meeting Hall and Assembly Hall. A fascinating iconographic study by Prof. Andrea Spiriti shows how the decorative cycle is the result of four distinct stages. There are many political and cultural links with Bartolomeo III Arese (President of the Senate and President of the Council of Italy) and there are similarities with the paintings in Palazzo Arese Borromeo in Cesano Maderno and other castles, churches or private homes all of which were decorated by the same artists commissioned by Arese.

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