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Villa Trivulzio


This villa dates back to the late 18th century. It still has some of the original furnishings and, thanks to careful maintenance, seems to be one of the best preserved in the area. It stands on the foundations of a pre-existing building and acquired its present architectural style through a series of restoration and extension projects carried out under Count Angelo Trivulzio which were finished in 1828. The villa then remained in the hands of the Trivulzio family until 1949 when it was inherited by the Rovasenda sisters. In recent times the villa has been restored and has become a protected property under legislation n.1089/39 together with the grounds and oratory which form part of the estate. The villa was redesigned in the Neoclassical style and today is a typical example of a late 18th century stately home. The plaster facade is painted the traditional “Lombardy yellow” and is divided vertically into three parts by single ionic lesenes at the sides which are paired in the centre. The service buildings are in a wing off to the side of the main house, beside the oratory. The rear of the house opens onto a large park and on this side the facade is identical to that on the entrance side with a balcony made of stone and wrought iron which is the size of the central arch. The villa is currently private property.

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