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I Navigli

Church of Sant’Invenzio


The church dedicated to Sant’Invenzio, bishop of Pavia, was built in 1573 and looks out over the Naviglio Grande. The Baroque facade is divided up by lesenes and has four niches with statues while the interior is richly decorated with frescoes and plasterwork. The belfry, designed by the engineer Ercole Turati, dates back to 1606. Some years later, in 1630, the terrible plague which struck Milan and the surrounding towns miraculously missed the little town of Gaggiano. As a token of their gratitude, the townspeople erected a column in the square in the Tuscan style surmounted by a cross. The church was later extended between 1757 and 1758 with the addition of the two side chapels dedicated to Sant’Antonio and San Giuseppe. Inside the church there is also a statue of the Madonna delle Grazie in commemoration of the protection received during the 1630 epidemic. An unknown artist painted the glorification of Sant’Invenzio on the vault, a work of considerable artistic value.

via Gozzadini, 1 - Gaggiano