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Lago Boscaccio


The complex consists of Boscaccio Lake and Farm (overall area about 85 hectares). The lake is an artificial basin which has been rehabilitated (35 hectares). It has a particularly rich bird and fish population (about 180 species of bird nest around the lake). The area has been identified as a repopulation and capture area (hunting prohibited) and is a bird ring-marking station (managed by the Milan branch of the Lombardy Ornithological Group Gruppo Ornitologico Lombardo). The waters of the lake are home to many native species of fish and have a high clarity level (11 m clarity in the studies carried out in April). A path runs along the perimeter of the lake. The farm Cascina Boscaccio is located on the shore, a typical Lombard farm with a closed yard which dates back to the 18th century and its dedicated to San Materno (with original foundations from the 11th century).

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