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I Navigli

Ponte Richard Ginori bridge


On the Naviglio Grande there is a moving bridge, Ponte Richard Ginori located opposite the derelict old factory on the outskirts of Milan that used to manufacture porcelain along via Lodovico il Moro. This famous factory used china clay as a raw material and it was brought in by water although the finished wares were shipped off by rail. This iron bridge was built in 1906 using the same technology as the Eiffel Tower and the railway bridge at Paderno d’Adda. The factory had a railway siding which linked it directly to the national railway system. The moving bridge had an upper level for pedestrians to cross the Naviglio which descended to the level of the towpath where there was the railway siding connecting the factory to the rail system. Once the operation had finished, the bridge went back to its original level and thus allowed boat traffic on the Naviglio to pass.

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