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I Navigli

Palazzo Stampa


Palazzo Cittadini Stampa is situated along the towpath of the Naviglio Grande near the junction with the Naviglio di Bereguardo. This is an architectural and historical complex of the highest order and saw secret meeting between patriots and central figures of the movement for Italian unification. There is no precise date for the construction of the palace but the first written documentation dates back to 1697 when it is mentioned in the last will and testament of Sacerdote Giuseppe who most likely built the palace. The building was constructed for the wealthy Milanese family the Cittadini who were already landowners in the area as far back as the 15th century. They went into a long period of decline however, and in 1751, they decided to sell part of the complex. In 1792, with the death of Giovanni Cittadini, they lost ownership of the rest of the property. The palace and its gardens were bought in 1835 by Giuliano Baronio, the husband of a descendent of the Visconti family, and was inherited by the daughter and her husband, the famous patriot Gaspare Stampa. He lived here until his death in 1874. Since then the building has been in public ownership and passed to E.C.A (Milan Municipal Welfare Institution) which divided it into apartments and property later passed to the local authority of Abbiategrasso.

Alzaia Naviglio Grande – loc. Castelletto - Abbiategrasso