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Palazzo Barzizza


In the town centre heading towards the Ticino, Palazzo Barzizza was built in Renaissance times. It is the residence of the family that was most prominent throughout the history of Ozzero. The palace, which was first built in the 14th century and then rebuilt in the 17th, is well preserved thanks to restoration work carried out recently. Palazzo Barzizza had the honour of having Duchess Bona di Savoia, the wife of Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza and mother of Giovanni Galeazzo Maria as a guest. Recent renovation work saw the recovery of a great fireplace in the warm coloured stone pietra serena, with bas relief friezes bearing the coat of arms of the noble families. On the sides, there is a depiction of the faces of the Lords on medallions in the ancient Roman style. A second fireplace is frescoed with allegories about time. In the portico outside, part of the frescoes have been restored and these are dated 1624. The inner courtyard dates back tot he 17th century. The palace is a protected building. It is in private hands and can only be visited from the outside.

via Roma, 13 - Ozzero