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Naviglio di Paderno


The Naviglio di Paderno is an artificial canal that flows parallel to the River Adda in the municipality of  Paderno d’Adda northwest of Milan.

“This Naviglio di Paderno is 2,605 metres long; 11 metres wide on the bottom; the water is always kept at a depth of 1.20 metres, there is a minimum gradient of  0.10 and a maximum of 0.45 every thousand metres so that the speed per second is a minimum of 0.31 and a maximum of 1.50. The gradient is divided into 26.40 metre sections between the supports and 1.10 metres between the margins of the bottom. The slope is distributed for 26,40 metres onto the supports and for 1.10 metres as the bottom slope. (C. Cantù, Grande illustrazione del Lombardo Veneto, Milano, 1857).


Identity card

Year of birth: 1777

Length: 2.9 km

Start: Robbiate

End: Cornate d’Adda




Beni Monumentali

Roman tomb
Roman tomb Cornate d'Adda
Villa Sandroni
Villa Sandroni Cornate d'Adda
Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rocchetta
Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rocchetta Cornate d'Adda
Hydroelectric Plant Angelo Bertini
Hydroelectric Plant Angelo Bertini Cornate d'Adda
Carlo Esterle  Hydroelectric Plant
Carlo Esterle Hydroelectric Plant Cornate d'Adda
Stallazzo Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo
Stallazzo Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo Paderno d'Adda
Church of  S. Alessandro
Church of S. Alessandro Robbiate
Palazzo Corio Brugnatelli
Palazzo Corio Brugnatelli Robbiate
Dam Robbiate
Centrale Taccani power station
Centrale Taccani power station Trezzo sull'Adda
Sanctuary of the  Beata Vergine Addolorata
Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine Addolorata Cernusco sul Naviglio