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Church San Bernardo

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The little that is known of the history of the village of Cascinazza comes from records of pastoral visits: Fr. Leonetto Clavionio, apostolic visitor of San Carlo Borromeo, was the first to speak of the Church of San Bernardo in 1567. Other documents mention the pastoral visit of San Carlo himself in 1570 to the oratory of San Bernardo. In 1605 Cardinal Federico Borromeo authorised the renovation of the oratory which was only blessed in 1641 on completion of the work. It was only the efforts of the tiny community and the local nobleman Baldassarre Cesati that made this work possible over three decades given the lack of funds and available labour. There is a fresco inside of particular interest dating back to 15th century and depicting the Blessed Virgin with the Infant Jesus. The fresco, restored in 1725 thanks to funds made available by the Abbot G. Battista Cesati, has a decorative motif that dates back to the 18th century and features San Paolo and San Bernardo on the sides. It is of religious as well as historical significance as devotion to the Blessed Virgin is particularly widespread in this area.

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