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Villa Castelbarco


The site was first settled around 1100, a period in which, according to some scholars, a convent was built in this area by Cistercian friars. The original building would appear to have been quite simple based on the austere principles of the Disciples of San Colombano. In the 17th century, it became a modest country house called “La Contessa”. It was Count Giuseppe Simonetta, when he became the owner in the early 18th century, who turned the old monastery into a pleasure villa. It was in that period that the Chapel was rebuilt with its belfry and exedra and that a servants’ courtyard was constructed. When the Castelbarco family took over ownership, the villa entered its Golden Age. Count Cesare, a man of letters and art lover, expanded the villa, adding reception halls, and doubled the area of the south wing (lemon house). He also built two small buildings on the area beside the terrace in the imperial style, one as a Museum, the other as a Theatre, and also built the underground tunnels. The complex is now private property and hosts exhibitions.

via Concesa, 4 loc. Monasterolo - Vaprio d'Adda