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Villa Gina


This villa is now the head offices of the nature reserve Parco Adda Nord. The stately home is perched on a dramatic outcrop over the River Adda and Martesana canal and has undergone many changes of ownership and function over the years. It was built in 1855 by Paolo Bassi – mayor of Milan – in the classical style that was in vogue at that time and in 1915 was bought by Silvio Crespi who called it Villa Gina in honour of his wife. In 1939, it was donated to the Opera Balilla di Bergamo which used it as a vocational school for war orphans. It was occupied by the armed forces during the Second World War and in 1950 passed to the CIF of Bergamo who renamed it Casa del Sole and turned it into a centre for young people in care. Ownership then passed to the regional authority Regione Lombardia and subsequently to the local authority Comune di Trezzo. Since 1993 it has been the head offices of the Parco Adda Nord.

via Padre B. Calvi, 3 loc. Concesa - Trezzo sull'Adda