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I Navigli

Monasterolo di Inzago


Along the towpath of the Naviglio Martesana, in the direction of Bellinzago Lombardo, lies the Monasterolo, founded in 1489 by the order of the Agostiniani dell’Incoronata di Milano. The Monasterolo is a little convent which was founded as a rest home for elderly or invalid monks from the Monastero dell’Incoronata di Milano. The site upon which the convent was built was donated by the noble family the Piolas. Its position along the Naviglio greatly facilitated communication with Milan. The church has a lovely panel of the Madonna del Latte, attribuited to Maestro della Pala Sforzesca, a painter from Ferrara in the service and under the protection of the Lord of Milan Ludovico Sforza and his wife Beatrice d’Este. There is an irrigation channel which was granted to the monastic congregation by Ludovico il Moro in 1494. The convent was dissolved in 1769 under the orders of Emperor Josef II.

Cascina Monasterolo, 55 - InzagoLa chiesa viene aperta l’8 settembre.