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Castello Visconteo


Castello Visconteo in Cusago dates back to the years between 1360 and 1369 when Barnabò Visconti decided to build a country residence in the Milan area to be used for major hunts in the surrounding woods and as a refuge during the epidemics which threatened the city. The castle remained property of the Visconti during the 14th and 15th centuries when Gian Galeazzo and Giovanni Maria made use of it as their predecessor had done for hunting stag, deer, boar and various species of birds. The castle then passed to Filippo Maria Visconti who, with a series of structural modifications, transformed the residence into a true seat of government. He also carried out a number of hydraulic projects including what was known as the “Navilglietto”, a canal that connected Cusago to the Naviglio Grande at Gaggiano, thus making the castle easily accessible from Milan. Subsequently, the castle experienced a period of decline connected with Spanish and French dominion and, in 1525, it was ceded by Francesco II Sforza to the Milanese banker Massimiliano Stampa to meet the growing expenses of the various wars the dynasty was forced to fight during that period. The castle later passed to the Casati family in whose hands it remained until, in the 20th century, it was bought by the property developer Coriasco. Recently, the castle was bought by a group of private investors who are funding restoration work that will make this magnificent building functional once more and open to visitors.

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