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Cascina Santa Marta


This farm complex has a closed courtyard in the 19th century style and looks like a fortified farmhouse of the Middle Ages with a tower with battlements at the entrance. The layout is typical of Lombard farmyards with the buildings arranged around two interconnected courtyards apart from one building located outside. These building covered a multitude of functions, providing a home for the owners and the families of the farm labourers, quarters for the livestock (stables and pigsties), storage areas and barns, and areas for processing farm produce (dairy, drying room) and for maintenance of farm vehicles (smithy). The architectural style is sober using humble materials and the exteriors inside the courtyards are very simple. Since 1996 the Cooperativa Santa Marta runs the farm and visitors can buy produce such as rice, pasta, honey, confectionary, sauces and jams.

loc. Cascina Santa Marta fraz. Moirago - Zibido San Giacomo