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I Navigli



Conchetta is the first and smallest of the fourteen basins and locks along the length of the Naviglio between Milan and Pavia. Located in the city centre at the junction of via Conchetta and via Ascanio Sforza, Conchetta, like all the other basins on the Naviglio di Pavia, is composed of two distinct parallel channels. A side channel for drainage or assistance was indispensable for ensuring the minimum depth and hydraulic head required by the irrigation pipes when the basin was being closed. A second channel was the lock for raising and lowering barges and was filled or emptied as required by opening and closing the gates. The basin has a rise of 1.8 metres and is fitted for the transit of barges with two mitre gates: an upper pair and a lower pair. When it was built the lock was fitted with wooden gates and half-gates, as well as a brick hut for the lock guard and granite parapets on either bank.

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