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Duomo Cathedral


The Duomo of Pavia, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and Santo Stefano (protomartyr), is an imposing structure laid out like a Greek cross. Work began in 1488 on the orders of the bishop Ascanio Maria Sforza Visconti: the building was incomplete for centuries until the facadew and dome were finished in 1898 according to the original design of Giovanni Antonio Amadeo. The central dome, octagonal in shape, is 97 metres high, a clearance of 34 and weighs about 20 thousand tons making it the third largest (but not highest) in Italy after St. Peter’s in Rome and the cathedral in Florence. There used to be a tower beside the cathedral called the Torre Civica, and there is mention of it as far back as 1330 and it was further raised in 1583 by Pellegrino Tibaldi. On the morning of 17th March 1989, the tower collapsed, killing 4 and injuring 15. It has not been rebuilt.

Piazza del Duomo  - Pavia