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Casa Giacobbe


The earliest mention of the villa dates back to 1664 when the building, already property of the Borri family of Corbetta, was mortgaged to Clara Pedra Borgazzi to guarantee the numerous debts that Francesco Borri had contracted with this Milanese noblewoman. In 1690, Maddalena Borri, Francesco’s heiress, ceded the property to Carlo Domenico Borgazzi, son and heir of Clara Petra. The building was divided into a number of blocks. An older part of the house (no longer standing) looked out over what is now via 4 giugno and had a carriage entrance. Laid out on three floors, the building had a woodshed and barn to the right of the entrance. A stairway led to the upper storeys where there were a number of bedrooms. A second block (the present day Casa Giacobbe), was situated at a right angle to the entrance building forming an L-shape. There was a portico on the ground floor which opened onto the main reception room of the villa with a lovely fireplace in carved stone depicting the myth of Orpheus and the coat of arms of the Borri family. To the left there were two other rooms, the kitchen and laundry. The bedrooms were located on the upper floor. A third block which is derelict today contained an oil press and a tower that served as a dove-cote. The villa is now the property of the local administration and is used for exhibitions and conferences.