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Cascina Caremma


Cascina Caremma was founded in 1988 with the purchase of 36 hectares of farmland and is situated in the middle of the Parco del Ticino reserve. The farm is engaged in a number of different activities such as growing the cereal crops and raising the livestock traditional to the Milanese hinterland. It also produces a variety of cured meats, some of which are in danger of dying out. The old barn has open beams and a cappuccino ceiling: the perfect setting for banquets, receptions and parties. The space is also equipped to cater for conferences and business meetings. The oldest room in the farmhouse has a traditional fireplace and wood-fired oven which date back to the end of the 17th century. There are ten bedrooms in the old farmhouse style each with their own bathroom. The farm has recently added a wellness centre divided into a number of areas: the pool, relaxation area, open space barn and a stable converted into a polyfunctional space.