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Charterhouse Mills


Where Molini Certosa now stands, there used to be two mills which used the change in level of the Naviglio to generate the power need for the machinery that ground the corn. The present day “Molini” date back to 1889 and of the three bodies which at the time were one of the most modern mills in Italy, all that is left is the central building which is six storeys high. The raw materials are durum wheat and soft wheat which arrived from Italy, South America and North America. They arrive at the “Molini” on great trucks which are weighed and then unloaded. The grain is stored in enormous silos until it is ground. There are many machines used in the process of different dimensions and with various functions: the roller mills are used to grind the grain, the grading sifting machines (plansichter) sort the ground grain and flour according to dimensions, other machines separate pieces of grain from the bran of the same dimensions. Only electricity is used to power the mill. The flour is sold on the domestic market to food manufacturers, supermarkets, bakers, as well as to the foreign market, especially America. For some customers, the produce is packaged with their own company brand.

Certosa di Pavia