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Chiesa di San Zenone Vescovo


The modern day provostal church of San Zenone is the result of the enlargement of the ancient chapel dedicated to the same saint which was built as far back as 974 in the area surrounding the castle of Castano. The previous sanctuary was rebuilt in 1345 on the lands of the castle which was then in ruins. At the time the church was 50 metres long, 15 metres wide and 21 metres high and on the facade there was a single round window (oculus) and the door. The facade was also decorated with stone half columns which started at the base and reached the roof of the building. The belfry, then as now, was on the south side and had two doors: one which led into the church and the other which led outside. The church was divided into a nave and two aisles each with ten brick columns and a truss roof. The presbytery was raised above the level of the nave by five stone steps. At the far end there were just two windows with round panes of glass. There is a valuable Crucifix kept in the church which has been venerated for centuries. It was supposedly brought back from Jerusalem by the local nobleman and crusader Fra’ Rodolfo della Croce. Mentioned during the pastoral visits of San Carlo, it was considered to be miraculous from 1630 when it was invoked to protect the community from the epidemic of bubonic plague and was raised every time the local population suffered. Solemn celebrations are held for this Crucifix every 25 years. It currently sits in the niche on the high altar.