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Church of San Bernardino


The church of San Bernardino was originally built in the 15th century in honour of the saint who visited this area in 1431. The coexistence within the tiny church of two different confraternities led to need for a larger church and the cornerstone was laid on 30th August 1614. The old church and an adjacent house were knocked down to make room for the new church which was built to the right of the previous one and laid out on an unusual north-south axis. The church was completed in stages: in 1686 the choir was designed and built while the belfry was only completed in 1717. In recent years, the church of San Bernardino was renovated and restored to its original splendour. The church has a rectangular floorplan and is notable for its Baroque facade designed by Richini, where lesenes, statues and architectural ornamentation increase the visual impact. The single nave with barrel vaults contains some noteworthy features such as the marble and plaster decorations on the side altars and the Neoclassical altar which dates back to the early 19th century. There is also a lovely statuette in the niche of the altar of the Virgin of the Rosary, a piece by Brusca which dates back to 1820.