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Church of San Bernardo


The current church of San Bernardo e Giuseppe is not the original church of the town. Construction work only began on the parish church in 1845 and it was then that the old church was abandoned and passed into private hands. The landowners offered to quarry the stone and transport it from the Ticino, as well as transport the bricks and quarry sand; while the countess Marianna Clerici Lurani and the noblewoman Teresa Clerici Brambilla purchased the land upon which the architect Zirotti planned the church. The marble altar of the Madonna del Rosario, created by Bartolomeo Torretta di Milano, dates back to 1854 and the altar of Sant’Antonio was built in 1857. The church was decorated in 1924 by the Roman painter Ciserna with the help of Raffaele Solmonte and Giuseppe Marcovic. The necessary funds were raised by public collection and came to 11,000 lire; the malvagliesi in America contributed £. 9,000 when the Parish Priest sent them an open letter. The two angels on the altar were purchased in 1915; the monstrance with a sunburst pattern, based on a design by Ciserna, was first placed on the main altar, then, by order of Cardinal Schuster, moved to a side chapel. Casterna also painted the Stations of the Cross which are still in the church today.