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Church of San Giorgio (La Canonica)


The church of San Giorgio dates back as far as the 12th century. In 1186 Pope Urban III, a member of the Crivelli family, decided to set up a rectory under Augustinian Rule. The location chosen was the church of San Giorgio, built on his father’s lands which had been abandoned. The building was restructured and extended and entrusted to the jus-patronatus of his family and so taken from the glebe of Corbetta and Dairago, tying it directly to the Apostolic See. The church of San Giorgio thus passed to the rectory of Crescenzago until 1498 and then to Antonio Stanga, who, although he undertook to build the new rectory, abandoned the project in 1512. The building then returned to Tommaso Crivelli who sold all the property of the prevostship. In 1528 the architect Martino Bassi finished the reconstruction work on the church of San Giorgio with the help of master stonemasons Bernardo and Giacomo Mottello of Lonate. In 1772, the rectory was dissolved and returned to ordinary ecclesiastical jurisdiction. The current layout of the church is in the style of the 17th century, with the late-gothic belfry and its double lancet windows and small arches. The majestic prothyrum, the small light coloured cuspid portico, contrasts with the rest of the facade with its red bricks. Inside there is a crypt-baptistry colonnade which dates back tot he 13th century where the remains and relics of the martyrs were kept.

via Vittorio Emanuele II, 8 - Bernate TicinoIn estate le visite guidate gratuite si svolgono la domenica alle 15.30 e alle 16.30 davanti alla parrocchia