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Church of San Guniforte


The older design for the parish church of Nosate can be seen in the records of the pastoral visit of San Carlo Borromeo in 1570. At that time the church had a rectangular layout (6 x 9 metres) with a circular apse. In 1738, as witnessed by a drawing in the parish archive, the first major extension work was begun. The new structure, with five arches, is still recognisable today; new additions included the side chapels which open onto the single nave with its coffered ceiling. The Chapel of the Crucifix dates back to 1756. It was commissioned by the Marquis Scaramuzza Visconti, Marquis of Nosate, who probably intended the painting of the Adoration of the Magi to be the altarpiece. A detailed description of the building is provided in 1753 in the report of the pastoral visit of Cardinal Giuseppe Pozzobonelli. The baptistry was built in 1765 in the third archway of the church, moving it from the chapel now dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine, a project commissioned and carried out by Fr. Pietro Reina in 1778.