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Church of San Martino Vescovo


The existence of a church, proof of an organised community of faithful, is attested to in a document dated 23rd May 1395. Here Guglielmo Centuario, bishop of Pavia, in consideration of the death of the previous rector Giovanni Bastoni, nominates Lorenzo Bastoni, son of Andrino, rector of the church of Borgarello. The church has undergone some major transformations since then. It has the Baroque floorplan typical of many churches in the Pavia area. With a single nave and a barrel vault it also has interconnecting side chapels which are not very deep, a narrow transept the width of the side chapels and a choir. The layout is in perfect compliance with the dictates of the Counter-Reformation. The single nave favours a sense of unity among the faithful and allows attention to be drawn directly towards the presbytery. The facade is quite sober and linear in style in keeping with the interior. It is divided vertically into three sections: the central part is higher than the two side sections. Horizontally, the facade is divided in two by a protruding cornice with a series of profiles which recalls the linear division inside the church.