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Church of Santa Maria Assunta and Monastery of the Celestine Fathers


The date of the foundation of the Monastery of Santa Maria Assunta of the Celestine Fathers is not recorded in any archive document. It is however believed to date back to the 14th century. The vault of the single nave, which partly collapsed in 1937 was rebuilt in 1938-1939; the facade dates back to 1938. The church is Romanesque in origin and the interior is Baroque. This church is famous above all for the two paintings by Ambrogio da Fossano, known as the Bergognone, which are dated 1501 and hang in the third chapel on the left of the entrance. Until a few years ago, these paintings were believed to be by the school of Bernardino Luini, but recent studies have revealed that they are in fact by Bergognone in his prime, with inspirations from Leonardo and Bramante. The artist left his fingerprint on the first of the paintings near the doorway in the portico in the background of the “Flagellation of Christ”.