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(ex) Convent of the Annunciata


This complex was commissioned by Galeazzo Maria Sforza to fulfill a vow made in 1466. It was finished in 1472 and the church was consacrated with the name “Santa Maria Annunziata” in 1477. The church and convent were granted to the Order of the Frati Minori Osservanti, a confraternity that lived according to the teachings of St. Bernardino. In 1810 the convent was dissolved and became home to the male section of the hospice Ospedale degli Incurabili di Abbiategrasso. On the right of the church the entrance arch opens into the first courtyard overlooked by an imposing two-storey structure which was a residence, a building constructed at the turn of the last century to house the laundry and dormitory as well as the most recent part which dates back to the 1950s. Two passages with a cross vault lead to the second courtyard. There is a double portico around three sides of the courtyard and, on the side beside the church, the friars’ cemetery. There is also the building that housed the sacristy, refectory, kitchen and dormitory. On the north side of the complex there is the single nave church which had a fresco on the facade of the Annunciation and on either side of the great arch there were two chapels, the southern one decorated with paintings of “Galeazzo Maria Sforza and the Blessed Virgin” with Saint Joseph and Saint Catherine on the right and Bernardino and Francesco on the left.

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