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Guardia di sopra and Guardia di Sotto Farm Complexes


The Guardia di Sopra and Guardia di Sotto farm complexes, which once belonged to the Viscontis, are typical examples of the great farms of the Milan countryside. In the former, the main building runs parallel to the Naviglio on the left bank, and is punctuated by great blind arches and central entrance gate with a tympanum bearing the coat of arms of the noble house. The residential building is inside the courtyard with a portico, loggia, and diagonal turret. In the latter, there is the oratory of the Natività della Beata Vergine Maria, built in 1622. Both farm complexes are derelict. Guardia di Sopra was recently sold to the Buddhist Association Soka Gakkai which has undertaken to restore it in compliance with the restrictions in force due to its status as a protected historical building.

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