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Miorina Dam


The Miorina Dam regulates the water level in Lake Maggiore and turns the lake into a storage basin so as to allow for better use of this catch basin. It is the final stage in the management system of the waters of the Ticino. The dam across the Ticino, shortly after the outflow from Lake Maggiore, is 3.3 metres high and 200 metres long and was built in Golasecca (VA) in under 4 years between 1938 and 1942. The Dam was built and is managed by the Ticino Consortium which is made up of the water users of the Ticino. The Dam allows for regulation of the outflow to the Industrial Canal, the Navigli and the Villoresi Canal on the Lombardy side. In Piedmont, the only important canal is the Regina Elena. Opening and closing the gates that make up the barrage dam allows precise regulation of the outflow from Lake Maggiore, feeding the water required and using the lake – which acts as a reservoir – for the surplus waters which, without the dam, would flow into the Ticino to serve no purpose. The water stored in the lake therefore constitutes a reserve which can be later added to the natural flow in periods where it is too little to satisfy the requirements of users.

località Golasecca - Sesto Calende