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Museo Agricolo Angelo Masperi


Inaugurated in December 2003 and named for a past Mayor of Albairate, Angelo Masperi, the Farm Museum is located at Cascina Salcano in a wing originally used for cheese-making. It has a great selection of work tools and farm machinery and is also a dairy, a building used for processing milk. The museum records life working the land which until not many decades ago was the lifestyle in Albairate and all the surrounding area. An external part of the Farm Museum area is the “Giassera” (icehouse) in the courtyard of the Town Hall, a space used by farmers in the past to keep ice during the summertime. The ice was created by flooding the area around the icehouse in winter. The layer of ice was then broken up into small pieces which were stacked to form blocks. These were put into the icehouse through cylindrical trapdoors, and kept separate from one another by a layer of rice straw so that they did not stick together. The particular circular shape of the ice house, set into the ground, and the small openings on the sides made it possible to keep the temperature low and preserve butter, meat and cheese