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Palazzo Crivelli Pecchio Martinoni


Palazzo Crivelli Pecchio Martinoni is one of the best-preserved examples of a city palace in the heart of Magenta. Now home to the Town Hall and local administration, it has the typical horseshoe shape in the oldest of the offices which are located between Piazza Formenti, Via 4 giugno and Via Volta, and dates back to the first half of the 17th century. In 1701 it is recorded that the house was part of the dowry of the last descendent of the Crivelli family of Magenta upon her marriage to Count Pecchio. In 1783 the house subsequently passed to the Martignoni family who sold it to the municipal administration of Magenta in 1898. The buildings were then divided into two sections: the old textile mill attached to the house became the Elementary School and it was located there until 1983 although the building now houses the Classical High School “S. Quasimodo”, while the palace itself became the Town Hall of Magenta. The area in front of the building was transformed in 2009 into a great “open air salon” with new tiled paving and many trees and benches so that it has become a popular meeting place for the people of the town.

p.zza Camillo Formenti, 3 - Magenta