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Palazzo Galloni


Palazzo Galloni is a truly enormous building. It was the residence of a wealthy middle-class family in the 17th century. The main body is set back from the road and in front of it stands a low building once used as a storehouse for what was needed for travelling on the Naviglio. It is a simple tiled roof resting on five great arches with the central one leading into a courtyard. The other four used to be gateways and beneath them passed carts laden with vegetables. Now, however, they are bricked up and punctuated by the doorways, balconies and windows of tiny houses. There is a small open space on the other side of the entrance gate, closed off at the end by the facade of the main body of the palace. This leads into a wide corridor which runs underneath the building and into a larger courtyard overlooked by the two wings of the palace. Here the rear of the building can be seen with its four storeys covered by the dense foliage of a climber. This singular complex is abuzz with the creative activities of the engraving centre ‘Centro dell’Incisione’, founded in 1975 by Gigi Pedroli, a versatile and eclectic artist and Gabriella Casarico who organises events, exhibitions and associated activities. Inside, there is a school of engraving with has some of the antique tools of the trade. The Centre, which occupies most of the ground floor, is subdivided into a number of small rooms, one for exhibitions, one for the press, another for the print archive.

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