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Palazzo Pozzobonelli


Palazzo Pozzobonelli is of major artistic interest and owes its name to one of the most important families in local history. It was probably built to a design by Bramante who worked there towards the end of the 15th century and it is certain that this artist contributed to other homes belonging to the family. The palace consists of a central block with two south-facing wings. It has a loggiato, partly bricked up, surmounted by a strip of friezes and decorations. Inside, apart from various rooms in the 18th century style, there are two rooms from the 15th century, frescoed with floral motifs. On the exterior, Gothic windows have been discovered under the plaster with elegant terracotta borders and just traces of decorations which have deteriorated over the years. In 1763, on the death of Cardinal Pozzobonelli his two nephews split the inheritance. One of these was the Marquis Giorgio Porro Carcano who later left the palace of Vermezzo to his son Count Luigi Porro Lambertenghi. The latter, living through the events of the Risorgimento, was involved in the Carbonari, the revolutionary secret society of the time. The palace is private property and houses an architecture firm and residential apartments.