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Parco Agricolo Sud Milano


The Parco Agricolo Sud Milano is a metropolitan green area which forms a semicircle to the south of Milan. To the west it joins up with the Parco del Ticino, to the east with the Parco dell’Adda. It is characterised by the concentration of farms criss-crossed by a dense network of natural waterways and canals and farm tracks. Fields of maize alternate with water meadows, rows of trees mark field boundaries and the course of waterways. Over time this agricultural landscape has replaced a dense forest which was primarily composed of mixed oak woodland with black alder, poplar, willow, reeds and rushes in the wetlands.

Traces of this rich biodiversity survive in some of the natural areas of the Park (woods, natural springs) where the visitor may see mammals such as the dormouse, badger, weasel, fox, stoat, wild rabbit and hare. Wild birds include the grey heron, woodpecker, egret, cuckoo, great tit, common reed bunting, red-backed shrike, black-crowned night heron, great egret, purple heron, white stork, mallard duck, great crested grebe, little grebe, cormorant, seagull, common moorhen, coot, cattle egret, kingfisher and pigeon.
The Park preserves a delicate balance between farming and nature… and tradition. This symbiosis of natural, agricultural and cultural elements is given full expression in the rice paddy reserve Parco delle Risaie. Between the Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese, this park is an agricultural oasis in the municipality of Milan and part of the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano. It conserves the heritage of the southern Milan hinterland with its system of waterways, irrigation ditches and paddy fields, the cultivation of rice being rooted in the area since the 15th century.