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Ponte dello Scodellino bridge


Ponte dello Scodellino bridge is an extension of Viale Gorizia towards Piazza XXIV Maggio in the point where the Naviglio Grande flows into the Darsena di Milano dock. It is arch-shaped, and has traffic lanes since it is used for urban transport and also has two footpaths for pedestrians. There are tram tracks on the bridge and the overall width of the bridge is 12 metres. The supports, piles, arch and parapets are made of concrete, the road surface is asphalt and the paving and coping is in stone. The bridge is called the Scodellino bridge because, in the past, the pilots of the big freight boats called “comballi” which transported sand and other materials used to stop off at the Osteria del Pallone beside the bridge to have a bowl or scodellino of piping hot soup on chilly autumn and winter days. Today the Ponte Scodellino is the landing stage for the tour boat that takes visitors along the Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese.