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Ponte San Michele

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Ponte San Michele is an iron arch bridge for road and rail traffic which connects the towns of Paderno and Calusco across a ravine on the River Adda. The bridge, designed by the Swiss engineer Jules Röthlisberger (1851-1911) was built by the Società Nazionale Officine di Savigliano (whose technical office was under Röthlisberger), is 266 metres long, and rises 85 metres above the level of the river. It consists of a single arch (150 metres arch span) of iron girders, which uses 7 iron pylons to support a structure which can be crossed on two separate levels, the first the railway and the second (6.3 metres higher) the roadway. Ponte San Michele is one of the largest single arch bridges in the world and may be considered one of the primary symbols of industrial archeology in Lombardy.