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The construction of the octagonal tower of Ozzero dates back to the Spanish dominion over the Duchy of Milan after the Treaty of Cambrai in 1529; the Spaniards remained in the area until the early 18th century. Originally a military outpost for the defence of the territory, this tower was used by soldiers to make sure that no invaders arrived from the banks of the Ticino. The large room downstairs was where the soldiers lived when they were not on watch duty at the top of the tower. The upper part of the Tower was reached by means of a winding staircase that ran around the inside walls. The present interior is the result of modifications made by Luigi Cagnola during renovation work to transform the Palace into a summer residence. The municipal authorities of Ozzero and the Superintendence for Fine Arts of Milan oversaw the renovation of the Tower between 1970 and 1980 and it now houses the Town Hall. During this renovation work, a plaster statue was found in the well which is attributed to Cagnola and this is now visible in the entrance to the Tower. The date 1671 was found in a niche on the ground floor and this is presumed to be the year in which the tower was built. It is now the Town Hall.