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Villa Borromeo


Construction began in the mid-18th century when the D’Adda family wanted a summer residence which was easily accessible from Milan. The villa is a sumptuous residence with an enormous courtyard in front which emphasises the rigorous use of perspective in the architectural design. It was Piermarini who gave the villa its current Neoclassical appearance between 1780 and 1785, adapting the original design by Francesco Croce. The interior contains frescoes and decorations, a hall with ornamental stucco-work and bucolic paintings, medallions, and gilding, and to the rear, a great park with historic trees. It was inherited by the Borromeo family at the end of the 19th century and was occupied by the German army during the Second World War to then be broken up into residential units. It was purchased in recent times by a private party, restored, and is now used for events.

via Vittorio Veneto, 58 - Cassano d'AddaNon è aperta al pubblico.