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Villa Castiglioni


Villa Castiglioni was built in the early 17th century on lands belonging to the Crivelli family who established one of their Magenta residences here. The villa was built in a position of strategic importance for the family near the major bridge on the Naviglio Grande which dates back to 1612 (the current bridge dates back to 1859 and was rebuilt after the famous Battle of Magenta which also involved this area). The villa was later sold to the Curia of Milan in 1637 and became a summer residence for the archbishops. With the secularisation of the ecclesiastical property of the church of Milan it passed to the Castiglioni family and figured largely in the tragic events of the Battle of Magenta when Napoleon III stayed there and from the turret watched the battle unfold on 4th June 1859. The villa is now the headquarters of the administration for the Ticino valley nature reserve or Parco della Valle del Ticino.