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Villa Castiglioni Naj Bossi


The final villa in Cassinetta heading towards Robecco, Villa Castiglioni Naj Bossi appears along the roadside immediately after the splendid Villa Krentzlin and overlooks the Naviglio from a slight rise which gives it a wonderful view. The villa was built in the second half of the 18th century to a design produced by its owner, the architect Carlo Federico Castiglioni. The facade has a has a central body raised above ground level and is divided in three horizontally. In the lower part there is a portico with three arches which create an interesting play of solid and empty spaces. In the central area there is a series of windows with a central balcony and above, on the top floor of the villa, the space of the balcony is occupied by a great painting. The wings of the villa were not plastered over and have exposed brick walls. On the side overlooking the towpath there is an oratory dedicated to San Giuseppe, while the farm building which used to be on the same side was demolished. The residential nucleus of the building is on the other side of the courtyard and the fully restored interiors were decorated in the English style. The villa is currently private property.

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