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Villa Cattaneo Krentzlin


Villa Cattaneo Krentzlin is situated along the eastern bank of the Naviglio at the junction between the towpath which leads to Robecco and the road to Corbetta. The high boundary wall and its isolation from the town and surrounding buildings clearly illustrate the way in which the nobility wished to remain separate from the country folk and population of the town. Villa Cattaneo Krentzlin probably dates back to the 17th century although the Cattaneo family, the owners of the villa, modified and extended the building in the first half of the 18th century to give it its current appearance. At the turn of the 19th century, the villa passed to the nobleman Luigi Krentzlin and his descendents are the current owners. The elegant and impenetrable wall which separates the villa from the Naviglio towpath is lightened by two curved sections at the entrance gate. Until quite recently the wooden door was protected by a wrought iron gate decorated with KLN, the initials of the nobleman Luigi Krentzlin. The linear facade with many regularly spaced windows looks out over the canal. The villa opens to rear onto a large park with century-old trees and there is a wrought iron gate which separates the Italian garden from the farmhouse and its yard. It is currently private property.