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Villa Gambotto Negri

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Villa Negri Is a sumptuous 18th century villa situated to the southeast of Cassinetta, along the Naviglio Grande beyond the bridge on the Visconti branch. Property of the Negri family from the second half of the 19th century, the villa is also known as Villa dei Platani after the four plane trees at the entrance. Villa Negri was built in 1761 for the Austrian General Dembowsky. In 1875 Gaetano Negri, the Mayor of Milan, himself a native of Cassinetta di Lugagnano, purchased the villa and neighbouring Cascina Piatti. The villa was initially used as a summer holiday home for his family, and only in 1935, when restoration work was completed, did it become the residence of the Negri family. The main entrance of Villa Negri looks out over the Naviglio Grande and faces a road built parallel to the waterway. Villa Negri is horseshoe-shaped and the two wings open out onto the garden which the central block overlooks. The initial “D” for Dembowsky is visible on the first floor balcony, recalling the Austrian general who built the villa. The two-storey building is typical of the style of the summer residence of the end of the 18th century: dining room and drawing room on the ground floor, bedrooms upstairs with apartments. Currently in private hands, the villa can be visited in spring and summer or rented for events, weddings and conventions.

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