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Villa Gromo di Ternengo


This building was already in existence in 1559 and was rebuilt in 1679 when Danese Casati and Count Ferdinando Casati, regent of Milan and his nephew, gave the villa its current appearance. It is a typical example of Lombard Baroque with the adjacent church, portico with paintings, rich furnishings and landing stage on the Naviglio and large gardens. The garden to the rear of the villa stretches from the Naviglio to the road for Abbiategrasso. Along the waterway it is possible to see a 17th century tower called ‘La Sirenella’ after the mermaid statue that used to decorate it. The villa has passed from generation to generation of the same family to the present day and, since the death of Ferdinando Casati, has changed name a number of times as it was part of the dowry of firstborn daughters and thus became part of the husband’s property. This is how it got the name ‘Gromo di Ternengo’ in 1884, when Antonietta Negrotto Cambiaso, a descendent of the Casati family, married Emanuele Gromo Richelmy Count of Ternengo. The villa can be rented out for ceremonies, banquets and events.