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Villa La Bassana (Barbavara di Gravellona)


The villa is situated along the Naviglio Grande and is a protected property under heritage legislation n. 1089/39. The building, also called Villa Barbavara di Gravellona, was constructed towards the end of the 17th century. It belonged to the Lurani Cernuschi family, and was radically redesigned in the 19th century. Villa Bassana is a solid structure dating back to the end of the 17th century. The entrance gateway was the work of Ernesto Mainardi, a local craftsman who took several years to build it copying the motif from the balcony railing. On the other side of the gateway, the garden features a central portico and a loggia. The portico leads to the salon and the stairway to the upper floor. The stairway has an entrance doorway made of wrought iron and the bannister is made of stone and wrought iron, typical specimens of the Lombard style. There is also a turret from which the visitor can enjoy magnificent views of the Naviglio and some major villas like Villa Archinto and Villa Gromo. The central salon is of interest for its fireplace and mirrors used to furnish the room as well as the painting with six views of the Naviglio which illustrates the major villas of Robecco as the originally were. The garden of the villa is divided into two parts: the first between the front facade and the wrought iron railings, the second to the rear of the villa.

Ripa Naviglio Grande - Robecco sul Naviglio